The Crew

Nadia Joachim

Little Guest Relations Manager

Hello my name is Nadia, you’ll see me around showing the little guests where to play and all the games and fun things to do at the hotel. I love working here i have so much fun. I love meeting new guests and going swimming in the pool. We play games together and some times the bar man brings us milkshakes. Saturday nights are fun, some times my mommy and daddy let me join the party and i dance with the little guests.

Hope to meet you all soon. Nadia x

Dino & Arina Joachim


We hope you love the island and The Nightingale as much as we do. If there is anything you need, just scream.

Sam Sherri Parkinson

Head Chef

I’m island born and bred I’ve been working in kitchens since I was 16. I started from the bottom as a kitchen porter and worked my way up the ranks in kitchens across the island.

Here at The Nightingale we have the freshest ingredients which are grown locally, picked fresh and delivered the next day with a maximum travel of 4 miles. I’ve worked in some of the top hotels and restaurants, yacht clubs and pubs across the island which has progressed my experience.

I’m extremely proud to hold a Rosette for The Nightingale and our team We’re looking forward to grabbing our second soon. Sam Parkinson Head chef The Nightingale Hotel, Bar & Restaurant.

Charlie Ashton

General Manager

The Nightingale Hotel is the first job I’ve ever had. I’ve been here since early 2016 I started off in the kitchen as a dishwasher and slowly worked my way up to waiter and then head waiter. I was then trained for assistant manager position by the manager, then Dino, in the daily operations of all departments in the hotel. My aspirations were to become manager within the next few years but the owners believed I was ready for the responsibilities now and promoted me this year to manager, under their close watchful eyes. The Nightingale has made my aspirations possible to achieve, it is more than a job for me here its an education and a career. I have passion for work at the most unique and fun hotel on the isle and looking after our guests, whatever their needs. I find the most rewarding feeling is when a guest is happy and we have been apart of making that guest happy.

Word from the owners – Charlie is now our General manager. He might be young and the AA will surly despise having a 19-year-old as a GM but this isn’t their hotel. Charlie is one of the hardest workers I have ever met and though he is inexperienced, he has heart, passion, and a Nightingale education to give your stay that unique experience! With every passing day he improves his managerial skills. The Nightingale is lucky to have him.

Conner Thomkins

Assistant manager in training and Super Model

Conner is our top employee, attentive, polite and fast. He is a valued member of out team and we are sure you will agree when you meet him.  Working toward assistant manager, you will find Conner is skilled in all departments of the hotel.

Sophie Louise Woodmore

Barmaid and Catwomen

Sophie is a lovely energetic and polite young lady who is always happy to assist.

Donna Baker

Teen Exorsist...and Barmaid

Donna is delight to be around and will be happy to make you any cocktail you like at the bar.


Filip Kubaszak

Receptionist and Mad Scientist

Filip will most likely be the first face you see when you arrive. He is an intelligent multi lingual young man who is happy to deal with any enquires you might have.

Paul Skoludek and Sea Captain

Senior Staff

Me be living on the isle me whole life you see. Long time ago I was a captain of the  bendingo diggy down at sundown before the great storm of last afternoon. Now I work here and look forward to greeting yall.